Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 10 Mixed Drinks

Ordinary people never realized that there's more to drinking than just being sozzled and getting drunk. For some people, drinks is an art and it will be an honored for them to get their experimented rinks on the list of top 10 mixed drinks . They mixed drinks and try to experiments various flavors and seasoning to create a drink that will satisfy all that goes to the bar and order a drink.

Get a taste of some of the most interesting and intoxicating mixed drinks ever! Especially frozen tropical alcoholic drinks. Here's a list of the top 10 mixed drinks that you should taste.

Mojito: Mojito is a kind of a cocktail that has essentially five ingredients which includes rum, carbonated water, lime, sugar and mint.

Bloody Mary: This very popular cocktail is a fine blend of many ingredients that gives it the distinct taste! A classic Bloody Mary is a mixed drinks vodka with some tomato juice and also a combination of other ingredients that lend it a unique touch.

Screwdiver: This drink consists of a mixture of orange juice and vodka.

Piña colada: Too good to resist! This drink is an amazing combination of rum and coconut cream. Add some pineapple juice and ice to this and your Piña Colada would be ready to be served!

Margarita: Whether served on the rocks or shaken with ice, Margarita can bewitch you to go in for more rounds of this drink! Essentially, Margarita's are made of tequilla, which is blended with lemon juice.

Long Island:Long Island consists of a combination of vodka, tequila, gin and rum. Sometimes, brandy is also used in place of tequilla.

Martini: Sinful and tantalizing, Martini is also one of the most popular kinds of alcoholic mixed drinks recipes. It consists of gin and a combination of vermouth.

Sea Breeze: Recently, this cocktail is prepared by combining vodka with grapefruit juice and cranberry juice.

Flaming Volcano: It primarily consists of a combination of pineapple juice, brandy, rum, orange juice along with some almond syrup and other important ingredients.

Sex on the Beach: Sex on the beach primarily consists of vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice and peach schnapps.

There are many ways of combining different types of ingredients in order to concoct some of the most amazing drinks! If you haven't try to drink any mixed drinks that are done by some of those who have specialty on them, then you are missing a lot.

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