Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recipe For Green Beer

Beer is among the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world. Dating back to 4000 BCE, the Sumerians have discovered the wonders of beer, establishing beer's historical role through modern society. Because of this people thinks that making a bear is hard. But in reality, the basics of how to make beer and how to turn beer green requires only a few ingredients, as well as arming oneself with the simple know how in brewing it.

Basically, all beers are made from four basic components, with various ingredient variations which define it, as well as other variations in terms of ample brewing and fermentation time. The recipe for green beer would be water, yeast, barley and hops.

With understanding how to make beer, one needs to keep in mind that with beer, ingredients may be simple, but have high standards. Types of alcohol always follow this rule. Water would be a good example. With water for beer, it has to be purified, clean out of imperfections, with balanced pH levels. The barely malt should be ideally grown to the best quality that it could possibly be.

The first step in how to make beer involves letting the barley release sugars. This is achieved by filtering the barley through a pipe, or anything which resembles the shape of a pipe, adding water to the barley grains. The grains would then have to be mashed in a metal pot, or bowl, which breaks down the ferments and starches in the mix.

Second in the how to make beer steps would involve re-circulating the mix through a filter and adding more water. This phase in the how to make beer process is often referred to as sparging, and is quite essential as the process extracts all sugars from the grains. Once complete, the mix is then broiled, ideally for 90 minutes, in a double bottom kettle, which ideally allows steam to circulate.

By this point of the how to make beer, hops is added. Hops pretty much defines the characteristic taste of beer. After adding the hops, the whole mix is drained, separating the solids from the liquids.

Once the batch has cooled, yeast is then added, and after that, the mix is left to ferment. At this point, flavors could be added to the mix, defining the quality of the beer.

So there you have it, the basic steps in how to make beer. Make your own green bear now and let's drink! it's green beer day now!

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