Tuesday, October 20, 2009

List Of Liquor Names

Going to the bar lately? If you answer yes, you'll probably have the list of liquor names in your head. But if you answer no and want to be "in" the crowd by knowing all the liquor that taste good and are love by the crowd. Here is the list of liquor names that you need to know.

Brandy - Brandy is distilled from grape or fruit wine. Often other flavors are introduced during the distillation process in order to make an apple brandy or a blackberry brandy. If the flavor is introduced after the distillation process, then it is not a brandy, it is a liquor. Brandy is one of the best known liquor shots recipes around.

Vodka - Vodka is any fermented beverage which undergoes triple distillation. The triple distillation produces an extremely high alcohol content and a very pure alcohol. It is so high that it is poisoness, so it is traditionally watered down to 80 proof or so. If it is left in a higher state, it can be considered moonshine. Vodka is usually made from potatoes or corn.

Gin - Gin is similar to vodka in that it is a triple distilled liquor. The only difference is that this types of liquor have it's 'wine' steeped in juniper berries prior to distillation. Wine is the pre-distilled state of the liquor.

Moonshine - Moonshine is a liberal form of Vodka. It does not require triple distillation, but it does have to be distilled at least once. Moonshine is often made from many different types of liquor and wines.

Rum - Rum is a Caribbean beverage made from sugars or molasses. It is typically fermented once and barrel aged. Silver rums might be distilled twice and aged in glass or stainless steel.

Tequila - This is a Mexican beverage which is made from the blue agave plant. It is only tequila if it is made in Mexico. There are many different types of tequila, but it is usually distilled once and barrel aged.

Whiskey - This is one of the more artistic liquors in that there is a lot of elements that go into it. It is made form a grain wine. There is an art to exactly what types of grains are used. Then it is distilled once or twice, usually at high temperatures and barrel aged in oak for extended lengths of time.

So there you go. The list of liquors an offline or an online liquor store would have. The choice of liquor you would drink depends on you and your taste.

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