Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Names Of Irish Beer

People have different preferences when it comes to things, even in beers. With the many brands there are right now in the market, imported or not, people will never get tired of trying out something new and something different. But, there are also others who are loyal to their favorite beer. In some countries, a particular brewing style is what makes the beer tasty. If you are irish, you're probably one of those enthusiast in to looking for names of irish beer before drinking any beer.

Irish beer is one of these pure old brewed beers. Irish beer has a long history that it is safe to say that Irish Beer has proven to be one of the world's most-loved beers like um ginger beer lime. In the past, Ireland has produced ale, without the use of hops because hops are not native to the country. But even then, while other countries have already started using hops to add flavor and taste to their beer, Ireland still continued producing beer without the use of hops. It was in the 18th century that Ireland has imported most of its beer from other countries; but with Arthur Guinness setting up a new small brewery in Dublin, Irish beer has started becoming a favorite in the country and even outside the country.

Irish beer can be categorized in three major groups --- lager, red ale, and stout. Lager brewing was not a success at first, but during the 1950s, as more consumption of lager in Ireland and UK has been recorded, the potential of lager brewing has sprung back. The Irish red ale has a slight red color that is generally not strong, but the export products are usually stronger. Irish stout has the biggest market share for beer in Ireland with Guinness leading the other brands.

Irish beer has indeed gained so much popularity in the world today. Many beer drinking games has use Irish beers on it. It is because of its unique strong taste and different flavor that make Irish beer a favorite by many. As more people discover the taste of Irish beer, more people would then love and patronize the Irish beer brands.

So, if you haven't yet tasted this, try having one now and you'll see why there are so many people around the world who love beer with names of irish beer.

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